Neverland calls

Black is the room
I appear to be,
Inside the lock
Inserted's the key,
The Neverland called,
It asked for the fee -
To finally set
Thy lover's heart free.

We're eager to learn
How sinful love works,
And always forget
To stay within norms:
The Neverland calls
And asks for the tip -
Forgiving forgiven,
Forgetting thy lips.

Lewd is not nice
For you aren't a toy,
Lewdness's the vice
We admit we enjoy;
So next time we speak,
And Neverland calls,
I wish to remain
Pinned to your walls.

Knives, ropes, adhesives -
I hope they would hold, 
As Neverland calls
I'd reach for the phone.
But you know:
I don't want to -
I wish I could stay
And not feel so lonesome.

You know we should talk,
Yet I'm simply not ready
For more of your jokes -
Forgiving, forgetting...
Into funny-shaped mould
You poured my soul,
It wouldn't be solid
Until Neverland calls.

I hope it would call
Yet at the same time -
What if it throws me
Into one more of its games?
I'm pale, I'm scared
As I hear the bell,
I reach for the handle
But then pull away.

I hoped it would call,
I hoped we'd avoid
Meeting in person -
The Wholesome plus Void;
But I know that low voice,
My heart it once tore,
I hoped it would call

...but it knocked on my door...

July 2017

/it (c)/